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                      RACING HARDER THAN THE REST
2012 Driver
of the Year
Kimi Raikkonen
Anyone following F1 knows it’s the team with the biggest budget that wins the prize. The only surprise in 2012 was that Kimi Raikkonen who with a B team accomplished 3rd in the F1 World Championship. Not to take anything away from the Lotus team but the fact is they are a hardworking B team at this point in time with bigger things to come. We all knew who would end up with the Championship but to think Kimi bet out both McLaren drivers, Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull teammate, and Fernando Alonso's Ferrari teammate is really hard to believe.  Hats off to Vettel and Alonso but to be frank, we all expected their results. Kimi proved he’s the hottest and my far the most entertaining person in F1!   Can't wait for 2013